This paper is manufactured using a process that promotes environmental protection. It is produced by Maximus using a mixture of elephant dung and post consumer waste paper. The paper is sanitized and has good utility value.

Variations in the elephant’s diet, age and dental state can give each batch of paper a unique colour and texture. Colour varies with the type of food consumed: Coconut, Kitul or Jak. Texture depends on whether the Elephant is able to chew the food or not. Older elephants tend to have bad teeth and younger ones better! Fully digested fiber gives the paper a smooth finish while half-digested fiber makes the paper coarser.

In buying and using this paper you are making a contribution to the care of this magnificent animal which is being driven to extinction by loss of its natural habitat. A percentage of the proceeds of our sales goes to the Millennium Elephant Foundation – affiliated to the World Society for protection of Animals (WSPA) – which maintains a home for elderly and disabled elephants.

By using this paper you can make a difference by highlighting the plight of the majestic elephant.

Maximus paper is chlorine and acid free and is manufactured in an ecologically safe manner. Maximus is committed to the ideal of sustainable development and the health and well being of humans, animals and the environment.